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Dr. Monica Vermani

Dr. Monica Vermani, clinical psychologist and author of A Deeper Wellness: Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety and Traumas discusses why worrying is so bad for our health and how to stop it.


Hair Loss And Our Mental Health Struggles Feat.

Dr. Monica Vermani

For the second episode of Hairs To You, our host Tara is joined by Dr. Monica Vermani, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating trauma, stress, mood & anxiety disorders. With a focus on mental health, this podcast discusses the following:

- How hair loss can cause anxiety

- Hair loss and its connection with mental health

- Children suffering from hair loss

- How parents should approach hair loss for their children

- Why young adults care about losing their hair

- Why people feel the need to comment on other people’s hair

- Whether men get affected by hair loss more than women

- And much more!


Back to school: Psychologist's tips to handle kids' fear, uncertainty as they return to class

Dr. Monica Vermani with Alyse Kotyk

With some kids possibly feeling overwhelmed or anxious about heading back to class this week, a Canadian psychologist says it's important to reinforce they're capable of handling that change.

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Reaching out a big step in processing trauma: Clinical psychologist?


Dr. Monica Vermani with Teresa Kaszuba

There are some people in our society who have hidden their stress and trauma for years. The realization that help is available is a big step, and reaching out for that help by trusting a professional is also a big step. Dr. Monica Vermani, clinical psychologist specializing in trauma and PTSD, shared some more details with Teresa Kaszuba on Global News Morning Peterborough.

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Are you being gaslighted?

By Debbie McFadden

Paula Sands Live and Dr. Monica Vermani

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -A film produced back in the 1940s featured a man who was trying to make his wife belief she was going insane by changing little things in their home daily. For instance, a light would dim--without being touched.

The title of the movie is Gaslight. That word now means to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

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How can conquering anxiety and traumas lead to a Deeper Wellness


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City News

David Callander and Dr. Monica Vermani


A Time of Insights

By Arjang Abraham Zendehdel and Dr. Monica Vermani

Arjang Abraham Zendehdel

Founder and Head Trainer of Dreamality Education & Coaching

Radio Talk Show Host at KMET ABC Radio 1490 AM / 98.1 FM


Clinical Psychologist on Recognizing the Signs of Being Gaslighted 
By Xavier Hershovitz and Dr. Monica Vermani

It’s a term that’s popping up more and more– gaslighter. But what does it mean? And is it happening to you?

Dr. Monica Vermani is a clinical psychologist, wellness coach, and author. She joined ‘the four’ LIVE to help us recognize the strategies of a gaslighter and how to prevent it from happening to you.

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A Deeper Wellness with Dr. Monica Vermani
Episode 25 • 2nd May 2022 •


Traumagility • Hayley Adams, CMHC, LPC, CCTP

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Focus Life 
Dr. Monica Vermani


Women Who Rock With Success 
Diana Winbush, Dr. Michelle Leno and Dr. Monica Vermani

Stress management case study of woman in the workforce

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CTV NEWS: Dealing with high levels of anxiety

Dr. Monica Vermani

From Covid-19 to the Russian invasion. Clinical Psychologist Dr. monica Vermani gives some tips on how to deal with the stresses of today.

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Proven Strategies That Remove Limiting Beliefs & Allow You To Step Into Your Full Potential, With Dr. Monica Vermani, Part 1


Proven Strategies That Remove Limiting Beliefs & Allow You To Step Into Your Full Potential, With Dr. Monica Vermani, Part 2


Dr. Monica Vermani is an exceptional educator/teacher in her field.  A gifted and unique clinical psychologist who offers her clients deep insights and relief from suffering with her care and knowledge. Her inspirational seminars and workshops change people's lives! For over 15 years I have referred several of my clients to Dr.Vermani who have all found her style of therapy very transformational and effective. Her Food for Mood program and  coaching sessions supported me into a full lifestyle and health recovery journey. She speaks words of wisdom, holds sacred space and offers her whole being into her work. In her presence, one can receive profound  healing and guidance. Her podcasts and  written masterpieces support thousands to  integrate healthy relationships, healthy work habits, trauma and anxiety support practices. A spiritual, intuitive wise woman wrapped in modern methods and professionalism Dr.Monica Vermani is a leader in her industry. A healing pillar within our Toronto wellness community and a very respected and loved friend and sister, I am honored to have come to know.

Andrea Olivera founder/creator of Ayurveda Rituals studio spa boutique

in Toronto Canada 

Understanding Forgiveness and the Variables at Play - Dr. Monica Vermani

We all struggle with forgiveness because we do not fully understand it. Forgiveness is not something we do for others. It’s about us processing our pain and understanding the hurts that we internalize resulting from experiences that we have judged as negative. 

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The 7 Ways You Can Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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It’s Important To Understand The Power of Saying “No”

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Part Two: What Goes Up Must Come Down: Conquering The Cycle Of Panic

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Part One: What Goes Up Must Come Down — Understanding & Navigating The Cycle Of Panic

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The Ripple Effect: Why We Need To Pay Attention To Our Thoughts

Anokhi Life Magazine -  Mental Health Program with Dr. Monica VermaniFeeling, Healing & Growth: Tips On How To Navigate Your Negative Emotions

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Give From Your Overflow … Not From Your Well!

Tips On How To Help More Efficiently

Fellowships of the Spirit - Fireside Chat with Dr. Monica Vermani

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Anokhi Life Radio - Open chest Interview,  Raj Girn talks with Dr. Monica Vermani 

CAMH and the Collaborative for South Asian Mental Health:


Bell -  From surviving  to thriving through COVID-19

Tips and Tricks for trying times

The high cost of absenteeism in the Canadian workplace The Phantom in the Room

Empowerment and learning from friends Self Care for Women in COVID-19 times

COVID-19 Self Care strategies for first responders 

Exercise is Medicine


Long-term effects of Marijuana Acceptance


Wellness is the Urge for Simplicity