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Clean up the problematic thoughts that hold you back from creating the life you wantYour thoughts are powerful things. One thought at a time, your thoughts — both positive and negative — shape your life.
In 14 concise lessons, this powerful Masterclass with renowned clinical psychologist and author Dr. Monic Vermani provides a roadmap to help you heal your past, deal with the problems you are facing today, and create the life you want for yourself by addressing your negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs.
You’re more than your fears, trauma, your self-limiting beliefs. Cleaning up these problematic thoughts is a process … one you can learn and apply. The past is just the past. The future is just your imagination. When you clean up those negative thoughts, you are essentially clearing the way to create the life you want and deserve.


Think About It!

A Masterclass in becoming a positive thinker

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