by Dr. Monica Vermani

Gaslighting... What Every Woman Needs to Know

By Dr. Monica Vermani

How gaslighting manifests and plays out, why women are vulnerable to this insidious form of coercive control, and how to break free.

3 Must Know Signs That A Problem Exists & How To Conquer Them

Dr. Monica Vermani

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, or our lives feel like they are out of control, we struggle to understand what’s happening. And we’re often at a complete loss as to how to deal with our problems. It’s important to become aware of how to identify the problem that shows up in our lives, how our problems show up as physical symptoms and negative thoughts and behaviors, and how these areas are interconnected. We can learn a way to examine our problems — on a table with three legs — where we can identify our physical symptoms, and maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, and begin to make positive changes.


How To Take Charge Of Your Mental Health So It Doesn’t Spill Over Into Your Parenting  

By Joelle Speranza with Dr. Vermani

Dr. Monica Vermani, clinical psychologist and author of A Deeper Wellness, agrees that you can begin taking charge of your mental health by taking small, actionable steps. 


100 Caregiver Affirmations to Honor Yourself and the Amazing Work You're Doing  

By JESSICA SAGER.  with Dr. Vermani

Caregiver affirmations can be a lifesaver for those whose lives are dedicated to meeting the needs of those unable to meet them themselves—it’s an often thankless and unpaid (or sorely underpaid) job, and it’s a necessary one to keep many of our loved ones healthy, safe and living with dignity.


Learning to control our anger is imperative for growth

Ellie Tesher with Dr. Monica Vermani

Can anger ever be positive? Simple answer: Yes, when we learn to own and conquer it within ourselves.


Ask Ellie: To manage anger, look inward and heal old wounds

Ellie Tesher with Dr. Monica Vermani

Despite the two-years-plus of anger endured when our lives were upended by lockdowns, homeschooling, and social barriers, I found a recent chat with Dr. Vermani enlightening and hopeful.


What Will Smith and Chris Rock show about anger: Ask Ellie

Ellie with Dr. Monica Vermani - Reviewed by Jessica Schrader

Dear Readers: Can anger ever be positive? Simple answer: Yes, when we learn to own and conquer it within ourselves.

None of us are strangers to reacting negatively, whether it happened when feeling our parents didn’t understand us, or as adults having “a bad day.”

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Building Boundaries

Why healthy boundaries are good self-care.

Dr. Monica Vermani - Reviewed by Jessica Schrader

At times, we’ve all said yes when we would rather have said no. Who among us has not sacrificed precious time and energy, often postponing or canceling our own plans, to help a friend, colleague, or family member? Even when that request disrupts our own plans, we find it impossible to refuse a request for help.


Listen Up! Five Ways to Be a Super Communicator

Dr. Monica Vermani

As we adjust to life with lowered restrictions and begin to transition back to life with more opportunities for interaction, there’s no better time to reflect on one often overlooked element of the art of conversation … listening! Let’s explore the value of compassionate, active listening, how to become a better listener, and how it can take the quality of our workplace interactions to a whole new level!


Are we paying lip service to the Canada's mental well-being crisis?

Rita DeMontis with Dr. Monica Vermani

Part of the problem is differentiating between mental health and mental illness: “Mental health refers to  anyone’s state of mental, and emotional well-being,”


Here’s How To Quit Smoking & Break Other Bad Habits

Dr. Monica Vermani

If you’ve ever tried and failed to break a bad habit or put an end to patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, you are not alone. Breaking bad habits may not be easy, but with the understanding of how bad habits form and play out in our daily lives, and the tools to create positive change, we can begin to eliminate our bad habits and create healthier and more positive routines and patterns. Let’s look at how we can break up with our bad habits!


Coping with Canada's mental well-being, post-pandemic

Erica Sloan with Dr. Monica Vermani

The good news is more and more people are openly discussing their struggles.


Here’s How To Test Your Level of Neuroticism

And Understand What the Result Really Means

Erica Sloan with Dr. Monica Vermani

Spiraling at the slightest inconvenience or seemingly firing on all cylinders all of the time are tendencies you might associate with being neurotic. But, these stereotypical depictions of the term fail to illustrate the full scope of trait—and also give it an unnecessarily bad reputation.

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How To Recover From Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr. Monica Vermani

While most of us are familiar with the term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), we are completely unaware of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Let’s explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this little-known disorder.


'People are not doing well':

Psychologist says anger over 'prolonged' COVID-19 pandemic common

Alyse Kotyk with Dr. Monica Vermani.

“Even with the majority of COVID-19 restrictions lifted across Canada, many may still feel frustration about the pandemic, leading to pent-up tension."


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Many of us have forgotten how to have fun. Here’s how to fix that

Maryam Siddiqi With Dr. Monica Vermani



Published April 9, 2022

“Having fun has major positive effects on the brain,” says Dr. Monica Vermani, a clinical psychologist in Toronto. “It increases norepinephrine, the hormone responsible for memory and learning functions, dopamine, our ‘feel-good’ hormone, and our pleasure hormone, oxytocin.

Here’s How EDMR Therapy Programs Your Brain So You Don’t Feel So Helpless

Dr. Monica Vermani

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a form of therapy that helps alleviate emotional distress and symptoms that result from trauma and negative life experiences. It facilitates the processing of these experiences and the strengthening of more positive thoughts relating to troubling life events.

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Hamilton Today With Scott Thompson

With Dr. Monica Vermani


Canadian anger skyrocketed during the pandemic, remembering Boris Brott, 4th COVID vax, getting refugees to Canada and more

Letting it Go!: How to Heal Your Past, Deal with Your Present, and Take Control of Your Future!

Erica Gifford Mills with her guest, Dr. Monica Vermani


Join Erica Gifford Mills with her guest, Dr. Monica Vermani, as they discuss practical approaches to healing the past and dealing with the challenges in the present in order to build an authentic life, and create lasting, deeper wellness. 


Fin du port obligatoire du masque : de nombreux Ontariens sont anxieux

Stella Dupuy with Dr. Monica Vermani

Le masque n'est plus obligatoire en Ontario dans la plupart des lieux publics. La situation suscite de l'anxiété chez bien des Ontariens.


These Are The Reasons Why We Should Care

Dr. Monica Vermani

We may not be able to change the world, but with incremental acts of kindness and compassion, we plant the seeds for a better world, and a richer, healthier, and happier life for ourselves and others. Let’s look at the effects of kindness, on ourselves, others, and the world.


Dr. Monica Vermani – Challenges are opportunities for growth. A Deeper Wellness.

Kate Daniels with Dr. Monica Vermani

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Dr. Monica Vermani is a clinical psychologist, public speaker, teacher and author in the field of mental health and wellness. Dr. Vermani’s approach is holistic, teaching us the interconnection of our mind, body and spirit. Her new book is a great tool, a guide that takes us on the journey of a personal exploration and conversation. The workbook style of “A Deeper Wellness: Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety and Traumas” guides us in making meaningful change.


Gaslighting can happen in any close relationship, psychologist says

Jessica Gosselin with Dr. Monica Vermani

“Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that can occur in close personal relationships."

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Total Health: How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing 

By Dr. Monica Vermani

“Don’t give from the depths of your well, give from your overflow! When I was young I sacrificed and at times resented the people I helped, because I was tired and not enjoying my life, as I was more doing for others at the expense of time, energy, and fun. As a grew, I learned the more I did to make myself happy and fulfilled, the better I was for others in my life, and never again resented them."

The Weight of the World- How Distressing World Events Impact Women 

By Dr. Monica Vermani

“Why and how distressing world events like war and the pandemic impact women’s anxiety, and what we can do to help relieve the unseen burdens of mental load."


101 'I Am' Affirmations to Remind You Of How Amazing You Are 


“Dr. Vermani says that contemplative mantras that you repeat to yourself can ground and center you, citing examples like “I am worthy,” “I am lovable,” “I am strong, healthy and capable” and ‘”I am safe, healthy and protected.”  Dr. Monica Vermani


How To Return To The Office And Protect Your Mental Health

By Sara London

The impending return to office in 2022 can feel overwhelming, exhausting, and sometimes even psychologically unsafe. But it doesn’t have to be, and with the right tools, your transition back can be a relaxing and enjoyable one. Dr. Monica Vermani, public speaker, teacher, top-rated psychologist, and author of A Deeper Wellness, has some expert input on making the return to the office psychologically safe.


13 Ways to Forgive Yourself—Even When You've Messed Up Big Time 


“We all make mistakes. But even after we’ve learned from our missteps, forgiving ourselves can be challenging and confusing, and feel impossible,”  Dr. Monica Vermani


The Many Benefits of Building a Full and Enriched Life

Dr. Monica Vermani

Life is, as they say, what you make it. And what we make of our lives can be the very making of us. 

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IWD 2022: How Women Can Let Go Of Life’s Toughest Burdens & Live Free

Dr. Monica Vermani

There’s no time like the present to renegotiate sharing the burden! This International Women’s Day, let’s take a moment to talk about time, life tasks, self-care and society. We take a closer look at ways that women can let go of the burdens that’s weighing them down when it comes to life, work, culture and the world they live in! 


How to Stop Being Manipulative

Dr. Monica Vermani

Do you sometimes feel like you’re constantly controlling people, even when you don’t mean to? Whether it’s with your romantic partner, friends, or family members, manipulating others can be a destructive pattern.


Mental and emotional signs of burnout

Dr. Monica Vermani

You Can Feel Burnout In Your Body—Here Are the 15 Physical Symptoms to Pay Attention to, According to Doctors  By JESSICA SAGER


Understanding Forgiveness and the Variables at Play

Dr. Monica Vermani

We all struggle with forgiveness because we do not fully understand it. Forgiveness is not something we do for others. It’s about us processing our pain and understanding the hurts that we internalize resulting from experiences that we have judged as negative. 

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Present and Unaccounted For

Dr. Monica Vermani

The cost, challenges and strategies for combatting presenteeism in the workplace

A Case for Corporate Kindness
Dr. Monica Vermani

Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times.

Building a SAD-Savvy Workplace!
Dr. Monica Vermani

A look at Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace: its causes, impacts, and SAD solutions for your employees and your business.

Preparing for Post-Pandemic Team Cohesion and Employee Mental Health

Fostering team cohesion in today’s shifting and changing workplace

Dr. Monica Vermani

Renowned industrialist Andrew Carnegie describes teamwork as “…the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.” Cohesive workplace teams are just that, productive, efficient, creative, and engaged. Great teams translate into bottom-line benefits for organizations. For organizations, managers, and team members in the workplace, team cohesion is critical.

Connecting the Dots 

Dr. Monica Vermani

Mental health plays a huge role in our overall well-being. Just as good mental health positively affects our physical health, poor mental health takes a toll on our wellbeing. What most people do not know is that mental health issues often show up as physical/physiological symptoms. For senior managers and business operators, building awareness around the relationship between physical symptoms and mental health can have a positive impact on absenteeism, presenteeism, and bottom-line costs.

Where We Go From Here

Dr. Monica Vermani

As COVID lingers on, and the world slowly begins to reopen, there’s no better time to look closely at the effects of over a year of social distancing, isolation, uncertainty, and fear on our mental health.

With a clear picture of the statistics — and what they tell us — we can strategize and plan to put in place effective supports and practices for our greatest resource and asset: our employees.

The High Cost of Unwellness

Dr. Monica Vermani

Once you’ve seen it, it’s a number you can never unsee: mental health issues cost the Canadian economy a whopping $6 billion a year in lost productivity. With COVID-19 leaving employees more stressed than ever, today’s workplaces are facing a mental health crisis of epic proportions. Let’s look at the underlying causes and solutions to this pervasive problem.

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Corporate Wellness Like Never Before

By Dr. Monica Vermani

Simple corporate initiatives that address employee needs demonstrate a commitment to workplace wellbeing.